Kitzi Craig – The Lighting Connoisseur / Owner of City Lights

City Lights, Greenville, SC


Kitzi grew up in Greenville, SC and studied interior design at Anderson University. She founded City Lights in 2003 as a result of her inability to find original lighting in town. Today, Kitzi gleefully spends her days with people; helping individuals, contractors, architects and interior designers unearth the proper lighting with the perfect personality.


City Lights – Illuminating Life with Light

Lighting is rarely the first thing one considers in home construction. In fact, it’s often last. This is unfortunate as lighting is key to your home feeling like home. Ever wonder why some kitchens feel warm and friendly and some don’t? Or how some spaces are relaxing and others inspiring? It’s the lighting or, many times, the subtlety of lighting.

Kitzi Craig works closely with every City Lights’ client by helping them analyze their needs, their likes and their lifestyle so that their home, or their office, is just that, theirs.